Website design and development estimations

Website design can be broken into several stages

  1. Initial set up:
    1. WordPress installation 1h (once)
    2. Plugins( security, performance, design) 2 hours (once)
    3. Theme (header, menu, footer, sidebar) 2 hours per theme
  2. Create content structure
    1. Based on discussion with the client we will create skeleton structure (categories and subcategories) 1-2 hours
    2. Add/Edit content – create a minimal set of posts in categories simply to allow site to function 0.25h per each post. Owner will add new post him/her self later on.
  3. Create/customize HOME page
    1. Home page is most complicated page.
    2. Fee depends on complexity. Usually 1h per section.
  4. Create/customize OTHER pages
    1. Other pages might be contact us page (2hours), list of services, testimonials – 1h per page
  5. Training  – free/included into total fee
    1. We will provide a crash course on how to add new posts and images
    2. If you enter something incorrectly and we will assist you on how to correct it.
    3. There is also 3 month warranty period on work done.

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